Elliott Shriftman

Southampton, NY

Prior to becoming an arbitrator over 21 years ago, had been an advocate for 11 years, representing both unions and employers. Represented numerous jointly trusteed health, welfare pension, and scholarship funds in arbitrations involving employer delinquencies in making contributions to such funds; some disputes also involved a defense that one or more employees were outside of the bargaining unit. Has heard over 100 cases involving employee benefits under a labor agreement, typically concerning eligibility for benefits, change in level of benefits, change of providers, and the amount or level of contributions required. A few cases concerned the ability of trustees to require the respondent employer to make increased contributions where the labor contract set forth a specific contribution formula. Presently involved in a case where a large, not-for-profit employer, due to spiraling costs, opted for a new health plan offered by the same carrier; labor contract permits employer to do so but demands that new plan provides benefits which are "substantially equivalent"; another union with greater number employees of that employer did not dispute change despite similar contract language. Rendered award involving trustee deadlock over appointment of a replacement for the recently retired "management-designated" trustee. Has heard other deadlock cases over other issues. Has been designated arbitrator in over 12 MPPAA cases; one addressed the withdrawal liability formula used by actuaries, which had been recognized by PBGC and courts as one using an acceptable methodology.


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