Lance K. Tanaka

American Arbitration Association
Denver, CO



Lance is the Vice President for the American Arbitration Association’s (AAA) Denver regional office. He is responsible for the Association’s services in Colorado, North Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, Utah, and Wyoming which includes a focus on market development as well as the recruitment and training of arbitrators and mediators for the AAA’s Panel of Neutrals.  He also oversees the development of the AAA’s ADR services in the sports industry which involves oversight of arbitrations related to the U.S. Olympics and Sports Doping disputes.  Lance was also involved with the development of the LPGA’s arbitration program which resolves doping violations with its golf members.

Mr. Tanaka is a trained mediator. He received his mediation training from the Neighborhood Justice Center (NJC) in Honolulu where he mediated disputes between landlord and tenants, neighbors, parents and children, domestic relations, and commercial business disputes. He serves on the AAA’s Panel of Mediators that resolves appraisal disputes and expedited commercial cases. Lance has served as volunteer mediator and arbitrator resolving Attorney-Fee Disputes in Colorado and Hawaii. He is a graduate from the University of Hawaii at Manoa.


Mr. Tanaka is a non-Attorney member of the Colorado Bar Association (CBA) and has participated in the CBA’s ADR Committee and Construction Forum Committee. He currently serves as a Board Member for the Colorado Judicial Institute (CJI) and is the Chairman of CJI’s ADR Committee.




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