Mark Norych

Arbitration Resolution Services, Inc.
Coral Springs, FL


Mark Norych is Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Arbitration Resolution Services, Inc. ("ARS") of Coral Springs, Florida. He oversees the operations of ARS as it relates to the panel of arbitrators and the company's arbitration process. The ARS arbitrators are all experienced litigation attorneys and many are retired Judges, Magistrates and/or Hearing Officers.


For over thirty years Mr. Norych has been involved in the collection, litigation, and arbitration of claims on behalf of insurance companies, car rental companies, and other major corporations. He has also coordinated and supervised litigation on a nationwide and global level.


Throughout his career, Mr. Norych has been a frequent lecturer at many conferences and given seminars and workshops at fortune 500 companies on topics ranging from best practices for corporate operations to specific topics related to Federal and State Regulations and Laws and their effect on company models and procedures.




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